Vulvovaginitis is a common condition in young girls. It may be due to an infection, but more often is it due to a skin condition. Carious irritants can make the sensitive skin of the vulva rather sore. If the is skin is protected against irritation then the symptoms should clear up.

NO ‘wet wipes’ or ‘medicated’ or perfumed toilet tissue should be used. Just ordinary soft toilet paper, moistened with tap water if necessary.

Soiling of the vulva by faeces can be a problem and it is very important that the bottom is wiped for FRONT to BACK after going to the toilet.

DO NOT be over zealous with hygiebnee – washing once a day is all that is necessary.

DO NOT use bubble baths, bath salts or shower gel in the bath.

DO NOT use soap for washing the vulva, simply use emulsifying ointment. Apply a little direct to the vulva and then rinse off clean water. If the emulsifying ointment is too stiff, mixing with a little clean water first can soften it – or aqueous cream may be used instead.

If your child is a keen swimmer, apple a little Vaseline petroleum jelly to the vulva before swimming. This does not dissolve in the water and profects the skin from chlorine, shower afterwards using emulsifying ointment.