Referral Guidelines – West Kent

Referral Guidelines

Please note that we are in the process of setting up the West Kent Dermatology Service. Our referral guidelines are below for reference, although the phone numbers in the forms below will be updated in Mid-October. If you have any questions about referring patients to the service, please contact the Acute Service Manager, Grace Hancock, on 01903 703 281 before sending any referrals.

Step 1: Read our referral guidelines

Laser and Skin Clinics provides a wide range of Community and Acute NHS Dermatology services across Surrey and Sussex. Referrals into the service can be made by any NHS healthcare professional, but must adhere to the referral guidelines we have agreed with local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s). Please click on the referral guidelines below to ensure that the patient can be seen within the service.

Referral Guidelines – West Kent Dermatology

Referral Guidelines

Two Week Wait Referral Form – West Kent Dermatology

Referral Guidelines

Common Exclusions:

  • Leg Ulcers
  • Botox for Hyperhidrosis
  • Cosmetic skin lesions or problems

Step 2: Complete the referral form or letter

We have prepared a standard referral template for the service to make it easier for you to refer patients on to us with all the information we need. Simply fill in the patient’s details and choose which locations they would like to be seen at. Where possible we will always try to book patients in at their chosen location or close to their home.

Download the Microsoft Word Referral Template (.doc)
Download the Adobe PDF Referral Template (.pdf)

 Referring to us again

Why not save some time and automate the referral process by integrating our referral template directly into your practice management software. We’d be happy to come out and do this for you if your software supports customisable letter templates or forms. For more information, please call our IT Helpdesk on 01903 703277.

Step 3: Send the completed referral form or letter to us via e-Referral Service, Fax, Email or Post

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